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Training & Development

We’ll use our training & development expertise to identify where there are gaps and areas for improvement within the existing skills, knowledge and attitudes of your employees to help you focus on employee motivation, retention, growth & development so that your business continues to thrive and succeed.

Our Training & Development service offers:

  • HR Workshops and Programmes of Workshops covering many HR Topics
  • Employment Law Update Sessions
  • Psychometric Testing & Behavioural Profiling
  • Talent Management
  • Graduate & Apprentice Programme Support & Co-ordination
  • Bespoke Training Programme Design & Delivery
  • People Management Training for all Levels
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Individual Coaching

We are comfortable delivering training on your premises or ours or at a neutral venue. Training and development costs are charged independently of any of our other packages and are negotiable.

HR Support Packages

Designed to suit your businesses HR needs.

Launch HR Icon

HR Starter Pack

A cost-effective and straightforward support package that means you’ll get the best possible start to your business. We call this Launch HR.

Launch HR


You’ve just started your business and that’s great.  How about getting all the right people and processes in place – right now? That way you’ll make it as easy as possible: we can help you from the moment you leave the slipway!

Cruise HR Icon

Ongoing HR Support

You’ve established your business, but you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course. That’s what our Cruise HR package is there for.

Cruise HR


You’re on the crest of a wave and your business is already established. Maybe you feel that you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course – this is exactly what our Cruise HR package is there for.  It’s like having an extra pair of skilled hands on board.

May-Day HR Icon

Emergency HR Support

When the unexpected happens, or you need urgent HR support with a project, our Mayday HR package is there when you need help quickly.

May Day HR


Sometimes you need help to arrive quickly – that’s what our Mayday HR package is there for.  So when the unexpected happens, or you need HR support with a project, we’re ready – wherever and whenever you need us.

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