Launch HR

A cost-effective and straightforward support package that means you’ll get the best possible start to your business. We call this Launch HR.

Get all the right people and processes in place.

We can help you make starting a new business as easy as possible.

We provide a simple and cost-effective support package built around you and your specifications.

We’re available for a free 1 hour consultation to see how we can help you make real headway.

Get in touch with an expert today and discover for yourself just what’s possible.

Available from £85 + VAT per month for six months or payable as a one-off charge from £420 + VAT.


Cruise HR

You’ve established your business, but you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course. That’s what our Cruise HR package is there for.

Tailored to suit your anticipated requirements.

Decide how much support you need per month in terms of hours at a fixed price.

We are there for you at any time.

Why not call us for a free, 1 hour consultation to map out your objectives for the next leg of your journey.

Our Cruise HR package is available from £60 + VAT per hour.


Mayday HR

Our Mayday HR package is there to provide you with urgent HR support when you need help quickly.

When the unexpected happens, or you need HR support with a project, we’re ready – wherever and whenever you need us.

We can help you with anything from a recruitment campaign; a TUPE consultation exercise; a restructure; or a redundancy consultation – or any other project or emergency.

We’re ready and waiting.  Call us for a free 1 hour meeting to see just what’s possible.

Mayday HR is available for a fixed hourly rate of £90 + VAT capped at five hours.

Speak to an expert now on

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