Glasgow HR Consultancy Services from Greig Melville

Glasgow HR Consultancy Services for Employers in Glasgow

You want the people in your business to be outstanding – so your business can be outstanding too.  At Greig Melville  we can help you to deal with everything; from legal to staff development or welfare issues, we can guide you through it all to make your business and the people working in your business the best they can be. 

We work with a wide range of SMEs in Glasgow and understand theGlasgow business environment.  Working with us means that you get truly local ongoing HR consultancy or local pay as you go HR consultancy – the choice is yours as part of our flexible Glasgow HR support.

Get people committed to your success

You need to have professional and productive working relationships with your staff if your business is to be successful.  That means getting everyone actively involved by getting people to see where they are contributing to your collective success in the business or organisation.  Whatever the size of your business or organisation, we can help with everything from SME HR to HR support and HR consultancy across the UK and beyond.

Experience great local support

Working with Greig Melville means you will be working with an HR consultancy that is experienced in providing SMEs and larger organisations in Glasgow with HR consultancy and employment law advice.  It all adds up to local Glasgow HR support that you can rely on at all times.

At Greig Melville you will also find a cost-effective human resources outsourcing service with pay as you go options – so you pay only for the HR support you use.

Talk It Over With Us

Whether you have a specific employment issue that you want to discuss with us, or are looking for a complete HR service, simply give us a call on 01324 628 676 or drop us a line at – and we’ll do the rest.


Employee Contracts

Good contracts ensure that expectations and requirements are clear to employer and employee alike.  Our contracts help people to see where they fit into an organisation – so that they understand how their role contributes to its success. It is vital that people can see immeditely where they 'fit in' so that they can start to make a valuable contribution right from the start. We also know that roles change over time as business itself changes, so we always make sure that your contracts take into account future possibilities - providing peace of mind for you and your employees alike.


Employee Handbooks

Your employee handbook is a great way of communicating just what your business is all about.  A good handbook does just this – explaining your business's aims and values, and the culture that binds everyone together. 


If your business or organisation needs to make redundancies, we will be on-hand to steer you through it all.  We will plan the process meticulously and communicate it by involving your staff at all stages.  In all that we do though, we never forget it is all about people and treating people fairly.  People have to be at the heart of the whole process and have to be properly supported.


Although Greg Melville is not a recruitment agency, we have a client-dedicated recruitment service.  We understand the recruitment market – from people search to salary expectations and skills - and can help you with everything from local and national to international recruitment. It's all about finding the perfect fit for business.  We also look within your business: you may already have someone working for you who could be trained for a new role. 

Employee Development

Developing employees is key to retaining employees and securing business success.  Greig Melville works with you, whether you’re mentoring a graduate or encouraging the ambitions of experienced staff.  Greig Melville can help you to realise the investment that you are making in people by developing the confidence and skills of your managers and your staff.  We never forget that a great business requires great communications skills, and we work with everyone to develop this ability. 


Quick and effective resolution of workplace conflicts will ensure that any impact on productivity is kept to a minimum.  We have decades of experience of mediating all types of grievance and complaint and of creating a 'win/win' situation for everyone involved.


We can help with the complexities of migrating from an old to a new employer – with a 100% success rate to date. Whether through acquisition or restructuring, we are experts at working through the process and communicating it all to staff.

Discipline and Grievances

Good disciplinary and grievance procedures let your employees know where they stand, and what is expected of them. We will work with you to ensure that you are fully compliant with current legislation and are following the ACAS code of practice. 

We can often help to get more serious disciplinary and grievance issues resolved without them going to employment tribunals.