Edinburgh HR Consultancy Services from Greig Melville

Edinburgh HR Consultancy Services for Employers in Edinburgh

Your business should be an outstanding people business – Greig Melville will show you how to be just that! We can help you to handle legal, staff development, and welfare issues.  We are local and understand the Edinburgh business environment.  We can provide you with ongoing HR consultancy or pay as you go HR consultancy as part of our flexible Edinburgh HR support.

Get full support and get everyone involved

We will work with you to ensure professional and productive working relationships between you and your staff by getting everyone engaged in the business or organisation.  We can supply everything from SME HR to HR support and HR consultancy for larger organisations working across the UK and beyond.

Get a wealth of experience locally

Bringing in Greig Melville as your Edinburgh HR consultants means that you will get an HR consultancy with a wealth of experience in providing SMEs and larger organisations in Edinburgh with Edinburgh HR consultancy and employment law advice.  This is truly local Edinburgh HR support that responds to and meets your needs

At Greig Melville you will also find a cost-effective human resources outsourcing service with pay as you go options – so you only pay for the HR support you use.

Talk It Over With Us

Whether you have a specific employment issue that you want to discuss with us, or are looking for a complete HR service, simply give us a call on 01324 628 676 or drop us a line at hr@greigmelvillehr.co.uk – and we’ll do the rest


Employee Contracts

Good contracts set expectations and requirements and make assurances on behalf of both employer and employee. The contract should be about shaping the future relationship between both parties so that people understand roles and the part that they play in an organisation: that has a huge impact on people’s performance.  Our contracts are future-proofed to cover future possibilities, providing peace of mind for you and your employees.

We handle the fine detail of contracts so that that they are mutually beneficial and legally sound, but we do much more than that.  We communicate with staff at all levels so that your business and organisation becomes a place where people want to give of their best. 

Employee Handbooks

A good employee handbook is much more than just a rule book. It’s an opportunity to communicate your business’s culture: it should be about helping your employees to understand and ‘buy into’ your aims and values.


When necessary, Greig Melville can help you and your staff to navigate the redundancy process. We ensure that everything goes to plan and that your staff are fully involved in the process: they have a right to receive proper consultation and support during what is a difficult period of change for everyone.  Involving people in this way can make a huge difference to the final outcome.


Greg Melville is not a recruitment agency – we provide a recruitment service solely for our clients. So whether you’re looking at local, national, or international recruitment, we will help you to understand the market and the kind of candidates you need to fit your recruitment gap.  We will structure the search process, from skills to salary expectations, to find the perfect fit for your business.  We will also look within your organisation to see if you already have someone who could be developed for a new role.  That’s a powerful internal message to staff.

Employee Development

Employee development is an important ongoing aspect of every HR plan. Whether you’re mentoring a graduate or encouraging the ambitions of experienced staff, Greig Melville can help you and your line managers to nurture and get the most out of your staff.  Employee development as much about development confidence and skills in managers as it is in staff – from people skills to communication skills.


Resolving conflict at work will make your business much more productive.  Our skilful mediation services will help you to reach a conflict resolution that works for all concerned – one that keeps your business on course.  


Migrating from an old to a new employer? Whether it’s because of acquisitions or restructuring, you need the focus to be not just on processes but equally on bringing people together and merging company cultures.  We can help you to do just that and secure your business’s ‘bottom line’.

Discipline and Grievances

You need to be sure that you are fully compliant with current legislation and are following the ACAS code of practice.  We’ll make sure that happens for you, so you get procedures that not only work but are seen to be consistent and fair.

In more serious cases, we can often work with you and your staff to get disciplinary and grievance issues resolved without having recourse to employment tribunals. We do this by careful consultation to agree areas of improvement across the business.