We work with all types of partners on all types of opportunities either as a sub-contracted supplier or as a partner business – and we refer business too.  For example, we work with Christopher Glen of Blue Kite Communications who produces all of our copywriting wherever and whenever we need it; Janey Boyd of Mamook Graphics ,Edinburgh is retained by us as our highly rated graphic designer and Alex McGrouther of  PMG Web Services Ltd was responsible for the development of our website and keeps us right as we continue to develop and update it.  Phil Hogan, Principal Consultant from Mainsail Growth Consultancy www.mainsailconsultancy.com who supports and advises our clients on business growth, questions and decisions.


SERPS Invaders Limited ensure that we are as high up the Google rankings as we can be - we leave SEO and all of that stuff in their capable hands.

Opportunities are all about us all working together as trusted partners.  You might be a legal or accountancy firm that’s not looking to move into HR but still need help in this area for your clients. We are delighted to be working in partnership with DTA Accounting Limited of Falkirk.

Or you might be another HR consultancy that’s looking for specific expertise or additional support.  Similarly, we might be looking for your services - we currently work collaboratively with  Alistair Booth of The HR Booth and Andrew Bourke of Absolutely HR Limited..


And because we're not experts in occupational health or health & safety, we work very closely with Margaret Murray of ENGAGE-Occupational Health Solutions, and  Karen Wilson of KS Safety Limited.



In some cases, you may need a local partner: we regularly work with firms from across the UK.  This makes business more efficient and profitable for all of us where distance can be a real issue.

It’s a mutual thing, with business being referred between all parties involved, to the benefit of all, including – critically – the client.

Maria Kelly, Lead HR OD Consultant, Ravenshill Services Limited www.ravenshill.com who specializes in organisational development and Kate Donne of K & S Donne Limited, expert trainers on presentation skills, assertiveness skills - all types of communication skills.



If you are involved in an HR project that threatens to swamp the capacity of your staff, we can jump in and help to relieve the pressure by bringing another experienced pair of hands to the task.



If you're bidding for a contract which will necessitate a temporary increase in your workforce, we may be a more practical alternative than hiring additional staff.



And with all of the above, we are from time to time looking to find firms that can assist us when we experience these pressures in our own business.

So, if you are looking for a local HR partner or just need some additional help in your business, why not call Alison Melville on 01324 628676 for an informal chat? Or simply drop Alison a line at hr@greigmelvillehr.co.uk 


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